No need for Russian S-400 batteries: Iran

Defense Minister Mohammadreza Ashtiani said Monday Iran does not need to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense system as the country is self-sufficient in producing such batteries.
“We have achieved self-sufficiency in the area of missile defense systems,” Ashtiani told a press conference in Tehran, adding Iran uses “unparalleled” systems that can meet its demands.
“At the moment, there is no need for the S-400 system because our current systems are sufficient, and the indigenous missile defense system, Bavar-373, is an extraordinary battery that many countries wish to have a sample of,” he pointed out.  
The minister hailed Iran-Russia defense cooperation, saying: “Our relations with Moscow are at a high level.”
Iran has been under strict sanctions for years, forcing the country to produce its own military hardware, including drones, missiles, and other weapons.
Su-35 fighter jets
Speaking about Iran’s potential purchase of the Russian Su-35 fighter jets, Ashtiani said that Tehran collaborates with other countries to strengthen its defense capabilities and will proceed with a purchase if necessary.
“Negotiations about buying equipment like the Su-35 belongs to the past and is still being pursued. We have not received any fighter jets yet,” he added.
Iran’s military has been exploring options to upgrade its aging fighter jet fleet, which includes a mix of U.S.- and Russian-made aircraft.
The Su-35, a fourth-generation fighter jet, is known for its maneuverability and advanced avionics, making it a desirable option for countries seeking to modernize their air force.
Iran drones on demand
Highlighting Iran’s drone capabilities, Ashtiani emphasized that many countries have requested to purchase Iranian pilotless aircraft, citing the current global security imbalance as a reason for their interest in strengthening their own defense infrastructure.
“One of the most frequent requests we receive from various countries is related to our drone capabilities,” the minister said.
“Our drones are among the most advanced in the world, and in some cases, there are no comparable models,” he added. “Other countries have recognized the power of our drones, which have been tested in various trials.”
While noting Iran’s commitment to continuously improving its defense capabilities, Ashtiani stated that the country is not content with what it currently has and plans to introduce even more advanced weaponry in the near future.
The focus on drone technology has been a key area of development for Iran, with the country unveiling several advanced models in recent years.


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