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COP28 warned on energy transition deal

AFP – Around 100 climate campaign groups warned COP28 organisers that success of critical upcoming talks in Dubai rests on whether countries can negotiate a formal agreement to replace polluting fossil fuels with clean power.
Published two weeks before the conference in the UAE, the open letter from groups led by Oil Change International and expressed alarm that the hosts of the UN talks could be positioning to accept a watered-down outcome.

Number of bitcoin millionaire wallets triples in 2023

REUTERS – The number of crypto wallet addresses holding more than $1 million in bitcoin has more than tripled this year.
BitInfoCharts data shows the number of addresses with more than $1 million in BTC increased from 23,795 on Jan. 1 to 81,925 currently, a 237% increase in the last 11 months.
The millionaire wallets are not one-to-one with individual users, as many addresses with more than $1 million BTC belong to crypto exchanges and financial institutions.

Deutsche Bank says Lira bonds will be top investment in 2024

BLOOMBERG – Turkish lira bonds will flip from being the worst-performing local debt market in developing nations this year to the best in 2024, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.
“It is still a few months too early to turn structurally bullish,” strategists led by Christian Wietoska wrote in a note. “We believe local bonds need to reprice another 200-400 basis points, but then offer value from a structural perspective.”

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