Iran foils Israel’s ...

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“Despite the very complex plan of the Zionist enemy, this action was under intelligence and operational monitoring from the very beginning and was completely neutralized by the arrest of the network’s agents,” the unnamed source said.
The official did not say how many agents had been arrested or where they were from. The Israeli prime minister’s office declined to comment, though it comes amid a years-long effort by both Israel and the US to target Iran, AP wrote.
A reporter also said the parts could be used in Iran’s extensive arsenal of drones.
The pieces shown in the television report appeared to be military-style, high-density circular electrical connectors. Such connectors can be used to attach electronic components of a missile or a drone, such as its guidance computer, and pass both electricity and signals. Video released by Iran in the past showed missile scientists working with similar connectors.
The New York Times in 2019 reported the US under then-President Donald Trump had accelerated a sabotage program targeting Iran’s missile and rocket program that dated back to the administration of President George W. Bush. The CIA declined to comment on the purported sabotage attack.
Tehran has also accused Israel of being behind a January drone attack on a Defense Ministry site in the central province of Isfahan.
Fabian Hinz, a missile expert and research fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said, “It’s quite likely Iran purchases these connectors from abroad.”
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