Iran reaffirms support for resistance front

Nasrallah warns Israel against any ’miscalculated’ action

Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah’s movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned of a strong response to any "miscalculated" action by the Israeli regime.
During a meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Friday in Beirut, Nasrallah emphasized that the resistance front in Lebanon and Palestine is in its strongest position.
He also referred to Iran’s constructive role in the Middle East region and the role Iranian General Qassem Soleimani played in ensuring security in the region.
Both officials also discussed several regional issues including developments in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.
The Iranian foreign minister, for his part, described as positive a recent trip to Saudi Arabia and his meetings with the Arab country’s officials.
Amir-Abdollahian, who arrived in Beirut on Thursday, also held separate meetings with other Lebanese officials.
During his meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the Iranian top diplomat underscored the significance of Lebanon’s security and stability in the West Asia region, expressing Iran’s support for the election of a president and new government in the Arab country.
Formation of
new gov’t
“The election of a president and the formation of the new government of Lebanon is very important, and of course, this issue is within the jurisdiction of the nation and the political leaders of Lebanon,” the top Iranian diplomat said.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports your efforts as the speaker of Parliament and the Lebanese political currents to elect the president,” he added.
The Iranian foreign minister also held a meeting with his Lebanese counterpart Abdullah Bouhabib. Amir-Abdollahian stressed the importance of economic cooperation between the two nations, saying that the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran cannot impede economic relations between Iran and Lebanon. He said that Iranian companies are ready to help Lebanon fix its electricity problems.
The Iranian official also slammed the Israeli regime as the enemy of the whole region, its stability and security, warning that any plan for the normalization of ties with the regime will be detrimental to the region.
Amir-Abdollahian’s trip to Lebanon followed a visit to Syria and talks with the country’s top officials.
Meeting with Assad
On Thursday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his meeting with the Iranian official congratulated Tehran on its upcoming accession to the BRICS group of emerging economies.
Assad said that Iran’s membership in the BRICS group of fast-developing economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – shows that the world is changing and that both Tehran and Damascus are on the right path.
Iran was invited last week to join BRICS, which is often seen as an alternative to the Western economic and political hegemony, along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Argentina.
Amir-Abdollahian, for his part, expressed his satisfaction with Syria’s return to the Arab League and the strengthening of Damascus’ relations with Arab states.
He also noted that Syria is today in its “best condition” after its government, nation and army won “a global terrorist war.”
“We are happy that the region and the world recognized the reality and power of Syria. Nevertheless, the enemies of Syria are seeking to pursue their own political objectives by subjecting its government and nation to sanctions and economic pressure.”
Amir-Abdollahian arrived in Syria on Wednesday to hold talks with the senior officials of the Arab country.

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