Reading camp held for nomadic children of southeastern Iran

A lively one-day reading camp was held in Abadeh County for nomadic children of Fars Province, southeastern Iran.
The first round of the project, ‘Reading Camp for Nomadic Tribes of Fars,’ was held in Kamingah district of Khosro Shirin village in Abadeh County, so that nomadic children could spend a lively day with books, IBNA reported.
The one-day event, which provided a cultural service, was aimed at developing cultural justice and facilitating the nomadic community’s access to books and information resources. It was held with the presence of Mohammad-Hossein Firouzi, Director General of Fars Public Libraries.
Speaking during the camp, Firouzi highlighted that the development of reading and library services is a key program of the General Directorate of Public Libraries in Fars Province. Through collaboration with cultural institutions and organizations responsible for nomadic affairs, they aim to promote book culture among the nomads in Fars Province. The design of this new plan involved expert input and was facilitated by signed agreements.
Emphasizing that this program will extend to other nomadic areas in Fars, Firouzi announced the commencement of a book-reading camp titled ‘Reading Camp for Nomadic Tribes of Fars’ in Abadeh city. They hope to expand their presence throughout the province by implementing book-oriented services to foster a culture of reading among nomads.
Looking ahead, Firouzi mentioned plans for diverse programs targeting nomadic students in Fars Province starting from the new academic year. With support from partner organizations and devices, they anticipate positive reception despite existing cultural and civilizational challenges within Fars Province. The goal is to conduct book-reading camps periodically wherever there are nomadic communities present.
During this one-day book-reading camp held at Abadeh city’s summer camp area, with assistance from cultural experts, various activities including book-reading competitions, meetings, performances, storytelling sessions, public readings, painting sessions, and poetry recitals were organized.


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