DoE opposes Miankaleh Petchem on principle: Official

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment (DoE) stated that the DoE serves the people and is responsible for protecting nature and public property. Due to these duties, the license for establishing Miankaleh Petrochemical was not granted.
Ali Salajegheh, the head of DoE, appeared on a national TV broadcast and explained that rules and regulations exist worldwide for land management in order to establish industries or facilities, according to Tasnim news agency.
“Any project seeking implementation must submit an establishment request to a specialized group under the country’s DoE, which acts as a trustee for land management. Expert teams review these requests based on existing laws and regulations.”
Salajegheh further mentioned that after examining these plans, they are either accepted or rejected, with recommendations made in some cases to take precautions.
Miankaleh Petrochemical does not have a license
Regarding Miankaleh Petrochemical, specifically, Salajegheh clarified that their application had been reviewed but no establishment permit had been granted.
“While there may be disagreements about how this industry is perceived by certain organizations, it is important to note that DoE manages land impartially, according to laws and regulations. The same applies to Miankaleh Petrochemical,” he said.
He added, “A complex called Amirabad Park applied for an environmental license for the production of propylene, and the issue was investigated. From DoE’s point of view, this entity does not have any environmental license, and there is nothing personal about it. We are only servants of the people and take care of nature and people’s property.”
He pointed out the indifference of some industries to the objections of the DoE, while acknowledging challenges in terms of environmental culture awareness. The official expressed a need to better explain the importance of environmental issues as top priorities for both officials and citizens alike.
No project without environmental license
The vice president went on to note that during the current administration’s term so far, no projects have commenced without permission from the DoE – an indication of prioritizing environmental concerns within current policies.
Addressing pressures related to approving projects against organizational requirements, Salajegheh stated his commitment to maintaining independence. As a university lecturer in environmental literature at the University of Tehran, he emphasized, “Personally, I’m not someone who could be coerced into doing something,” and voiced his readiness to return to teaching and learning if faced with managerial pressures.
Salajegheh then clarified that the process for environmental issues is thorough, involving expert review and participation from representatives across various sectors. The technical assessment follows laws and regulations and is signed off by the relevant deputy. He further emphasized that he lacks knowledge or involvement in this process to be susceptible to pressure when issuing permits.
The head of DoE stressed that sometimes large investments are made and individuals consider specific locations suitable for their projects, yet experts and relevant officials must adhere to established rules.


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