Iran inaugurates first-ever insulin production line

On August 27 a momentous event took place in Tehran as the first-ever insulin production line in Iran was officially inaugurated.
Attended by Ruhollah Dehqani, vice president of science and technology and knowledge-based economy, as well as Mostafa Qanei, secretary of the headquarters for the development of the health knowledge-based economy, and some other health officials, the ceremony marked a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in medical supplies.
The achievement is not only a technological breakthrough but also a national triumph. Through collaboration with a multinational knowledge-based company and local young specialists, Iran has successfully realized domestic insulin production for the first time. This accomplishment holds immense importance considering past challenges faced due to insulin shortages within the country.
Dehqani highlighted that apart from meeting domestic demands, this large-scale factory also paves the way for potential exports. With such capabilities in producing this strategic material domestically, Iran now joins an elite group of countries capable of supplying insulin on an international level. This achievement will undoubtedly bring great benefits and elevate Iran’s status globally.
Acknowledging Iran’s strong presence and technological advancements in pharmaceuticals worldwide, Dehqani emphasized that there are excellent opportunities available for foreign investments in the health care sector.
He also stated that Iran possesses one of the most advanced pharmaceutical technologies globally, while welcoming capital investment and international involvement in this field. The Iranian government stands ready to support investors looking to expand their activities within Iranian territory.
The newly-established production line has been made possible through collaboration with Vitane Pharmed, a knowledge-based company specializing in pharmaceuticals. The infrastructure boasts unparalleled capacity with an annual production capability of 700kg of insulin from cells to a market-ready product. This state-of-the-art facility is poised to bring substantial economic benefits to the country, potentially saving over 100 million euros through cost reductions once clinical approvals are obtained and the product is introduced into the health market.
The inauguration of this groundbreaking insulin production line signifies a moment of pride for Iran as it demonstrates its ability to achieve self-sufficiency in essential medical supplies.


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