Iran’s ‘Between the Cliffs’ to hit screen in S Korea

MEHR – Iran’s cinematic creation, ‘Between the Cliffs,’ will hit the silver screen during the 11th edition of the Seoul International Children’s Film Festival (SICFF), scheduled to take place from September 13 to 20.
Directed by Mokhtar Abdollahi, ‘Between the Cliffs’ will be competing alongside a selection of six other motion pictures representing the United States (2 films), South Korea, Japan, and Norway (2 films).
The storyline of ‘Between the Cliffs’ revolves around the journey of a young boy and his little sister. Their tale unfolds as they undertake the responsibility of herding cattle across the elevated terrain of a mountain, a task that leads them to unexpected discoveries and challenges.
‘Between the Cliffs’ has already won recognition on the international stage. It received two awards within the children’s cinema category at the 2023 Russian Within the Family Film Festival. The movie’s brilliance was acknowledged through the Best Film Award and the Best Actor Award.

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