Foreign tourist visits to Iran quadrupled in 2022

In 2022, Iran experienced a remarkable surge in foreign tourism, as declared by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), with a staggering 315% increase in the number of international visitors.
The country welcomed 4.1 million tourists during this period compared to a mere 990 million foreign tourist trips recorded for 2021, marking a momentous achievement, IRNA wrote.
It is worth noting that Iran’s fast-growing number of foreign tourists attracted last year was three times higher than the global average in this field.
Looking at the broader Middle East region, the total number of foreign tourist trips to the region in 2022 reached an impressive 66 million, demonstrating a remarkable growth rate of 163% compared to the previous year. In this context, it is estimated that Iran attracted 6% of tourists visiting the Middle East.
According to statistics released by the WTO, global foreign tourist trips reached a record-breaking 963 million last year, showcasing a notable growth of 111% compared to the preceding year. The year 2021 witnessed more than 450 million trips made by international tourists worldwide.
Thus, the global surge observed in 2022 amounted to an astounding 513 million additional foreign tourist trips compared to the previous year.


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