Familiar psychological operations against Iran

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In addition to these issues, the maintenance of a nuclear bomb also requires advanced and safe technologies that do not lead to damage to the nuclear bomb owner due to mistakes and errors. Israelis and Americans know this, but in line with the media war and psycho-ops, they make baseless claims to mobilize public opinion against Iran.
It seems that the goal of Israel and the United States is to create hype against Iran at the current stage, when Tehran is negotiating with the IAEA. If these negotiations bear fruit, a large part of the pressures and claims against Iran will be revealed and become ineffective.
But Israel does not want this pressure to be lifted from Iran, especially since it has been facing internal pressures for the past few months, and is trying to divert some of its internal crises to outside its borders by blaming other countries. Israel is also trying to force Iran to behave irrationally with this media hype in order to have more excuses for Iranophobia.
The recent claims of the Israeli and American authorities are nothing new; it is in line with their project of creating Iranophobia.

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