Uzbek speaker: Economic cooperation plays vital role in Tashkent-Tehran ties

Chairman of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan said that tourism and economic relations are complementary, and the presence of tourists will lead to economic development.
In a meeting on Sunday with the governor of Khorasan Razavi Province, Nurdinjon Ismoilov said, “In recent years, relations between Iran and Uzbekistan have been developing, and we hope that these relations will expand in the future.”
He went on to note that the governments of Uzbekistan and Iran have cooperation plans underway and, based on this, cooperation and contact between the ministries and economists will lead to more action and communication between the two countries.
Pointing out that economic relations between Uzbekistan and Iran need to be greatly expanded, the top Uzbek legislator said, “It is hoped that economic and trade relations between the two countries will be at a suitable level and the visit of the president of Uzbekistan to Iran in the near future will lead to the signing of cooperation documents, so that the economy of the two countries would develop vastly.”
Elsewhere in his talks, the Uzbek parliament speaker said that by traveling to Isfahan and Khorasan Razavi provinces, he was able to learn about Iran’s other capabilities, and a more complete picture of Iran has been formed for him.
In this meeting, the speaker of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan spoke of the holding of a referendum on the new Constitution of his country, as well as the development of foreign policy with neighbors.
Heading a four-member parliamentary delegation, Ismoilov visited Mashhad on Sunday.

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