Foreign Ministry denies hacking of its website

In an exclusive comment to Iran Daily, a senior diplomat denied the hacking of the Foreign Ministry’s website, but admitted that “there was a security loophole.”
The diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, noted that the ministry will soon issue a statement to clarify the matter.
A group of hackers associated with the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization claimed on Sunday that they had broken into the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website, gaining access to 50 terabytes of data.
The hacker group released the data it claimed to belong to 11,000 employees, as well as the agenda and details of meetings held in the Foreign Ministry.
The hacktivists also claimed that they had possessed “tens of thousands of Foreign Ministry’s documents” and had access to “the most fundamental systems and internal workflows” of the ministry.
The alleged data appears to be rather outdated, as it introduces Mohsen Baharvand as “Iran’s ambassador to the UK.” There are also dozens of similar examples indicating the released docs are apparently obsolete. Iran has not had an ambassador in Britain since March 2021.


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