Raeisi: Iran Armed Forces’ power beneficial to regional security


Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi said the Iranian Armed Forces’ power is beneficial to the security of the region and “it is no secret to anyone that our armed forces have protected the territorial integrity and security of the regional countries.
Raeisi made the remarks while addressing a parade to mark National Army Day in Tehran on Tuesday.
Raeisi noted that the Iranian Armed Forces have resisted terrorists and improved security in the region, while foreign forces only pose a threat to the regional states.
“The presence of foreign forces threatens regional security but our armed forces provide security wherever they are present in the region,” he added.
“The extra-regional and American forces should leave the region as soon as possible because it is in their own interest and in the interest of the region,” the Iranian president said.
He added that the presence of foreign troops, Americans in particular, would never protect the integrity of the Persian Gulf region.
Raeisi, who also serves as head of the Supreme National Security Council, emphasized that the National Army Day conveys the message of peace and friendship to regional countries.
He said the brave and heroic Iranian army has taken the lead from the armies of the regional countries in various fields of science and technology and everyone acknowledges this fact.
He noted that Iran’s sky is among the most secure in the region, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army creates opportunities for the country from all threats and shortcomings.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian president strongly warned the Israeli regime against taking even the slightest action against the Islamic Republic, saying Iran will react to such a move with “destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv.”
“The enemies, especially the Zionist regime (Israel), have received this message that the slightest move against the country will evoke a severe response from the armed forces and will be accompanied by the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv,” he added.
The National Army Day, which is celebrated annually on April 18, was named by the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, in 1979.

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