Iran to hold public funeral for polymath Abdullah Anwar

IRNA – Iran will hold a public funeral for veteran philosopher, mathematician, musician and historian, Abdollah Anwar who died on Thursday (March 11, 2023) at the age of 98.
The National Library of Iran said Anwar’s funeral will begin on Saturday morning in a ceremony in front of the Library in northern Tehran. The body of the late Iranian polymath will then be transferred to Ibn Babawayh cemetery in southern Tehran for burial along his late father.
For more than 20 years, Anwar was head of the Manuscripts Department of the National Library of Iran where he compiled some 10 volumes of a book listing rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts existing in the library.
Anwar has also compiled one of the volumes of the Dehkhoda Dictionary which is the largest comprehensive Persian encyclopedic dictionary in the world.
A contemporary pioneer of epistemology in Iran, Anwar was also a great writer in mathematics, music, history and philosophy.


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