Iran, India to cooperate on Asian Cheetah conservation

Ali Salajegheh, the head of Iran’s Department of the Environment (DoE), announced cooperation between Iran and India on Asian cheetah conservation.
Speaking during an interview with ISNA coinciding with Environment Week, Salajegheh highlighted the significance of environmental protection, emphasizing Iran’s constitutional commitment to it.
“Three countries in the world have key environmental principles in their constitutions,” Salajegheh noted. “All countries acknowledge Iran’s Article 50 as one of the most progressive principles, reflecting the country’s intellectual and scientific maturity.”
Salajegheh also mentioned India’s keen interest in the Asian cheetah, with a minister proposing scientific exchanges on the species within India.
He expressed concerns about cheetah fatalities on transit roads, stating ongoing efforts to mitigate risks with fencing, lighting, and warning signs.
“We aim to secure wildlife passages in collaboration with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development,” he added.
Regarding climate change impacts on species interaction, Salajegheh warned against ecological disruptions leading to disease outbreaks among animals.
He highlighted proactive measures nationwide to prevent such interactions, including nutritional provisions and veterinary care.
Concerning disease control, Salajegheh praised collaboration with the veterinary organization, noting a significant reduction in plague-infected livestock.
Regarding environmental conservation achievements, Salajegheh mentioned around 21 endangered animal species in Iran and comprehensive management plans in place.
He emphasized the significance of the cheetah as a national symbol and its conservation efforts.
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