Iranian researcher joins BRICS High-Level Expert Council for culture

Hamid Nazarkhah Alisaraei, an Iranian poet, writer, and folklore researcher, became an official member of the BRICS High-Level Expert Council.
Vadim Terekhin, poet and coordinator of the World Poetry Movement (WPM) in Asia, selected Alisaraei for this prestigious role. Alisaraei is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Iranian Studies at the University of Gilan.
Alisarae’s international accolades include chairing the jury for the second Literary Asia contest in Kazakhstan and Egypt, winning the Lucius Annaeus Seneca Award from the Academy of Philosophical Arts and Sciences in Italy, and receiving honors from literary events in Tokyo and Kazakhstan.
His works have been published in various languages, including Persian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Serbian, Russian, and English, across various literary journals in Iran, Europe, and the United States.
The formation of the BRICS Writers Association was initiated at the first congress of the WPM in Colombia and Venezuela in 2023, spearheaded by Terekhin. Current members include writers from the UAE, Egypt, India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, and Russia.
Since joining BRICS in early 2024, Iran has actively participated in the group’s cultural, political, and economic events.

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