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Iran unveils first Indigenized locomotive diesel engine

Iran has unveiled its first domestically-manufactured locomotive diesel engine with 4,000 horsepower, placing itself among the countries enjoying such high-level technology.
The diesel engine, going by the name of MP610, was unveiled in an official ceremony attended by Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Abbas Aliabadi and the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, in Alborz Province, west of the capital Tehran, Press TV wrote.
Indigenized by Iranian experts and engineers, the 4,000-horsepower engine was designed and manufactured by the MAPNA Group, a leading holding company founded in 1993 with more than 70 subsidiaries that has established itself as Iran’s largest contractor of power plant projects and a key player in rail transportation and oil and gas projects within the country.


Tehran calls for Kuwait to return to negotiations over Arash gas field

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani called for Kuwait to re-engage in technical discussions to resolve the ownership dispute over the Arash gas field in the Persian Gulf.
During a weekly press briefing in Tehran, Kanaani emphasized the necessity for technical and legal negotiations over media discourse to determine the respective shares of the Arash gas field, referred to as Durra by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
The spokesman said that maritime boundaries between Iran and Kuwait remain undefined, making it premature to discuss the allocation of the field’s resources.
Kanaani reiterated Iran’s stance on resolving the matter through formal negotiations and expressed Iran’s rejection of any one-sided measures disregarding its interests.
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait signed a development agreement in March 2022, claiming the field in its entirety, while Iran has condemned the accord as “illegal” and contrary to earlier negotiations.

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