President Raisi inaugurates ICT projects

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi participated in the ceremony of inaugurating six information and communications technology projects as well as the signing of contracts for purchasing equipment from domestic manufacturers active in telecommunications industry.
Concurrent with the World Communication Day, the infrastructure projects were inaugurated in the presence of the president at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Tehran on Tuesday.
The seven projects are as follows:
the fiber-optic project for homes and businesses in 20 cities,
the connection of the 7,500th village with more than 20 households to Iran’s communication network,
the national IP network development project in 6 new locations, the 1,800th site equipped with 5th generation of cellular network technology, the transmission network using domestic production capabilities, and the 5th generation of cell phones.
In the ceremony, 11 contracts for were singed in to purchase network equipment from domestic knowledge-based companies by telecommunications operators.
Upon his arrival at the inauguration ceremony, President Raisi was briefed on the latest achievements of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.
The World Telecommunication Day (WTD) is celebrated annually on May 17.
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