Astana keen on developing relations with Tehran: Envoy

Kazakhstan is keen on boosting ties with Iran, said Ontalap Onalbayev, the Kazakh ambassador to Iran on the sidelines of a ceremony for the opening of Shanyrak National Kazakh Corner at the embassy of the country in Tehran on May 1.
Speaking in the event which was held in conjunction with the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, the envoy focused on political and economic reforms, new international initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.
He also paid special attention to the statement of the Kazakh president regarding the major natural disaster - floods that occurred in a number of regions of the country.
“As President said, within the framework of the unity and cooperation of the people of Kazakhstan, the threat of floods is behind us. Government, state agencies, competent institutions and volunteers worked together. Thanks to that, more than 119,000 people were moved to a safe place in time. About 45 thousand of them are children. Most importantly, all efforts were focused on saving human lives.”
Onalbayev stated that May 1 - the day of the unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan is of special importance for our country, thanks to unity and harmony, Kazakhstan has achieved significant achievements in creating an independent state.
It was noted that by the initiative of Tokayev starting from this year, Nauryz (Nowrouz) holiday in Kazakhstan has been organized around the following themes: Day of meeting, Day of kindness, Day of Culture and national traditions, Day of Shanyrak, Day of national clothing, Day of renewal, Day of national sports, Day of cooperation, New year and Day of purification.
During the event, a special exhibition was opened in order to widely introduce the national jewelry and handicrafts of the Kazakh people to the guests and to promote the culture and art, customs and traditions of the people, to show the current level of development of the applied and decorative arts through the works of the craftsmen of Kazakhstan.
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