Iranian composer Hosseinpour wins at LA Sun Film Festival

Ramin Hosseinpour, the writer, director, and composer of the video art ‘Sculpture,’ was honored with the Best Composer Award at the 26th edition of the LA Sun Film Festival in April 2024.
The festival aims to provide an international platform for independent filmmakers and support their work, ISNA wrote.
The video is listed among the top 50 selected documentaries on IMDb in 2023-2024, showcasing its international acclaim. Media outlets globally have recognized Hosseinpour as a multi-talented artist with numerous talents.
‘Sculpture,’ has also won awards for Best Animated Animation at a festival in Russia, Best Short Documentary and Experimental Film at a festival in New Jersey, Best Documentary Screenplay at a festival in Tottenham, and the Best Directorial Award in London. Furthermore, it was recognized as the Best Mixed Media Video at the Berlin Art Festival.
‘Sculpture’ was produced in 2021 with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s
Music Office.
Hosseinpour was responsible for the composition, arrangement, vocals, and electric guitar performance.
Hosseinpour, educated in architecture, music, and cinema, has left his mark as a designer, educator, writer, poet, composer, arranger, and performer in the fields of architecture and music. His contributions to cinema, as a writer, director, producer, and conceptual artist, have been acknowledged in the international Euro Art House Cinema Day magazine in Germany.

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