Iran fosters cultural diversity: Minister

Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister emphasized Iran’s role in accepting cultural diversity during the 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku.
In his speech at the forum, the minister highlighted Iran’s historical commitment to acknowledging cultural, ethnic, and religious differences, IRNA wrote.
“Religious and ethnic minorities in Iran enjoy equal rights and freedoms alongside all citizens,” he said.
The minister stressed the importance of sincere dialogue and tolerance among societies, advocating for peaceful coexistence and convergence among religions and cultures globally.
He outlined Iran’s priorities, including developing cultural relations, particularly with neighboring countries, establishing balanced connections across Asia, Africa, and other regions, and enhancing collaboration through international organizations.
He underscored the significant impact of international organizations in promoting peace and resolving conflicts.
Addressing current global issues, the minister criticized what he described as hypocritical behaviors by Western institutions, particularly regarding the situation in Palestine. He also criticized what he saw as the fake nature of Western concepts like freedom of expression, suggesting that Western universities demonstrate insincerity by limiting free speech on issues such as human rights.
Furthermore, the minister emphasized Iran’s long-standing tradition of respecting cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity, asserting that Islamic teachings emphasize respect for human dignity and individual and social rights, which should guide interactions with cultural diversity.
He called for appropriate policies, programs, and multilateral intercultural projects to foster sustainable cultural development and promote acceptance of cultural and religious differences. He stressed the need for extensive research, increased education, and universal attention to facilitate intercultural dialogue and peace-making efforts.
Baku will host various cultural figures, political leaders, and dignitaries from around the world from May 1 to 3 for the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue.
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