Iranian artists taking part in Malaysia’s Qur’an exhibition


An exhibition of Qur’anic arts is underway in Putrajaya, Malaysia, with the participation of representatives from a number of Muslim countries including Iran.
According to Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Malaysia Habib Reza Arazni, a number of Iranian artists have showcased their works at the expo, IQNA wrote.
Other participating countries include Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Nigeria, he said.
The Qur’anic arts exhibition is a major Qur’anic event in Malaysia that was inaugurated by the country’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, he stated.
Arzani noted that the Asmaul Husna Tawasheeh group from Iran, headed by Seyed Mohammad Qassemi, had a performance at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which drew praise from the audience.
He said the Iranian artworks on display at the exhibition are in such fields as calligraphy, tazhib (illumination), minakari (painting and coloring surfaces of metals and ceramic tiles), and qalamzani (a type of Iranian metalwork art).
He added that the Malaysian prime minister visited Iran’s pavilion at the expo and was gifted a silk-woven rug with his photo on it.
He referred to the calligraphy of Qur’anic verses by the participating artists from different Muslim countries and said Iran’s Khodabakhsh Chaman, for example, beautifully calligraphed verses from Surah Al-Balad.  
The exhibition was launched on February 23 and will run through March 3.

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