Minister: Clothing most important cultural symbol of any civilization

Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili, emphasized the cultural significance of clothing during his visit to the 12th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival on Friday.
Esmaeili stated that clothing is the most crucial cultural symbol for any civilization and forms the basis for distinguishing different cultures.
He highlighted Iran’s Islamic identity, expressing that the country has always prioritized modesty and distinctive attire, considering it an integral part of the Iranian civilization, IRNA wrote.
Acknowledging the impact of modern technologies on the fashion industry and cultural shifts, the minister stressed the need to preserve the roots of Iran’s indigenous, traditional, and cultural heritage.
He said that the festival should not only be limited to artistic and museum activities but should also contribute to the mass production of affordable clothing, aligning with the country’s cultural values.
Esmaeili emphasized the importance of effective policymaking and implementation to overcome challenges.
He praised the participation of non-professional and independent artists in the festival, highlighting its role in providing a platform for showcasing their creations.
The minister emphasized the government’s serious commitment to supporting the fashion and clothing sector through related work groups.
He projected strengthening the industry’s foundation, ensuring it reaches a desirable condition in terms of production and sales.
Discussing the festival’s focus on children and teenagers, Esmaeili noted the necessity of enhancing this sector. While expressing the need for greater efforts in this field, he observed a lack of significant works during his visit, underscoring the importance of catering to the younger demographic.
Majid Emami, secretary of the General Culture Council of Iran, stated that the festival’s goal of promoting the work of individual artists, particularly those operating in smaller towns, has been achieved.
Emami addressed the ongoing crisis in Palestine, stating that the international-themed section of the festival, titled “Fashion and Resistance,” highlights global concerns.
Designers worldwide, particularly in Arab and Islamic regions, incorporated Palestinian motifs and concepts to showcase resistance against global injustice, he added.
With over 1,300 submissions to the 12th edition of the festival, approximately 180 works are on public display at the Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition opened on January 18 and will run through January 24.

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