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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023 - Page 8

News in Brief

Iran’s ‘Okht-o-Reda’ warmly welcomed in Pakistan

IRNA – The Iranian film ‘Okht-o-Reda’ (‘Reza’s Sister’) directed by Mojtaba Tabatabai, was screened in Pakistan’s city of Quetta and was warmly received by the Pakistani people.
The film’s director is renowned for directing acclaimed documentaries like ‘Cloudy Sky’ and ‘The Footsteps of Water.’
The film narrates the journey of Hazrat Masumeh (PBUH) from Medina to Qom.
Produced by Soureh Cinema Organization, the film has not only been available for viewing in cinema theaters over the past month but has also been screened at special locations as part of mobile screenings.
After watching the film, Pakistani audiences expressed their delight at the screening of ‘Okht-o-Reda’ and extended their gratitude to the filmmaker. They praised the film, stating that it ranks among the finest works they have seen, following TV series like ‘Mokhtarnameh’ and ‘Prophet Joseph’

Iran’s ‘Mr. Babak’s Family’ selected for Polish film festival

IRNA – The Iranian short film ‘Mr. Babak’s Family,’ directed by Aminreza Alimohammadi and produced by Amin Rafiei, is slated to be screened at the 17th Lublin Film Festival in Poland.
The film, co-written by Solmaz E’temad and Aminreza Alimohammadi, marks its ninth international appearance at global film festivals.
The cast of ‘Mr. Babak’s Family’ includes Afshin Hasanloo, Touran Ramezani, Abbas Imani, Amir Moqimi, Leila Hosseinzadeh, and Saeed Karimi.
The Lublin Film Festival, scheduled from November 17 to 26 in Lubelskie, Poland, features a selection of 1,700 films, with awards and trophies being presented to the top 12 films.
Previously, ‘Mr. Babak’s Family’ participated in the 7th edition of the Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival in Japan from December 22 to 24.


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