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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Six - 05 November 2023 - Page 4

What will Israel face in Gaza?


By Seyyed Reza Sadrolhosseini
Regional affairs expert
After launching devastating airstrikes and bombardment on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime has carried out several ground operations in the Palestinian territory with no success so far.
It has been claimed that the Israeli army ranks fourth in the world and enjoys advanced equipment, but its grandeur has been tarnished by Hamas’ October 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. Now, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and his army are trying to achieve some victory by committing more crimes.
With the support of the United States, Netanyahu is rejecting the calls for a cease-fire and trying to occupy parts of the Gaza Strip in order to have the upper hand in negotiations on prisoner exchange with the Hamas resistance group. However, the path ahead of him is not smooth.
It is predicted that the Israeli forces will face explosive traps, roadside bombs, snipers, and Palestinian fighters in Gaza. Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza will certainly inflict a heavy blow on the Israelis at this stage of the war and will take even more prisoners from the Israeli military.
The continuation of Israeli attacks and the killing of innocent people in Gaza are aimed at strengthening the position of Netanyahu and the Israeli army. Facing internal pressure, especially from the families of the Israelis arrested by the Hamas group, Netanyahu pretends that he has not given up and is trying to secure the release of Israeli captives with the brutal attacks on Gaza.
However, the Israeli prime minister and his supporters have not paid attention to the fact that those people who surprised the Israeli army on the first day of the conflict now may have other plans to surprise them again during the ground invasion.
Despite Israel’s widespread propaganda, threats, and heavy bombardments, the Gazans have not left their city and their homes because they want to defend their land. So, they have prepared to deal with the current situation.
In fact, the damage inflicted on the people of Gaza and the resistance fighters is one side of the story, and the remarkable achievements of the resistance against the Israeli regime are another side of it.
Since the Israelis lack enough power to face the ground forces of the resistance and the people of Gaza, they have resorted to airstrikes and bombings to create an intolerable situation for the people, but history has shown that Palestinians do not relinquish their legal and historical rights.
Therefore, the situation is not in favor of Israel and Netanyahu. Hamas and the people of Gaza have achieved great things, which will definitely benefit them after the cease-fire when the negotiations possibly begin. In fact, the Palestinian resistance groups achieved military success on the ground through Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, and they will have the upper hand in the negotiations that may take place after a cease-fire.


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