Iranian FluGuard provides 30% more immunity

IRNA – An Iranian researcher specializing in medicine and treatment has announced that FluGuard, a quadrivalent recombinant vaccine, provides 30 percent more immunity against influenza.
Farhad Madadnejhad explained that FluGuard immunizes the recipient against diseases caused by type A and B influenza viruses.
FluGuard contains pure proteins of recombinant hemagglutinin (HA) from four serotypes of the influenza virus. These serotypes are announced annually for seasonal vaccination against influenza by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Mohammad Amin Ghobadi, the secretary of the Tehran Pharmacists Association, has previously stated that Iran ranks second globally, following the United States, in producing recombinant influenza vaccines. This achievement is attributed to the use of modern technology and collaboration with biotechnology industry elites.
Ghobadi further added that this indigenous vaccine successfully passed all clinical trials years ago and has received approval from the Ministry of Health and various specialists.
This year marks the third year of its production and consumption.
“The proteins are produced in insect cell culture using the baculovirus expression system that is not able to replicate in human cells. Each one of four HA in cell line is being expressed by a baculovirus vector and then being extracted and purified by linear chromatography,” according to the official website of FluGuard.
“These proteins act as an antigen to induce humoral immune response hemagglutinin inhibitors antibodies.”

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