FDA cancels online drug sale

In an announcement at the news conference of Iran Pharma 2023, the head of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran revealed the cancellation of the approval for online sales of drugs on drug supply platforms. This decision comes as a response to growing concerns surrounding the illegal and unsupervised sale of drugs through internet platforms.
The cancellation follows a resolution that had initially favored the deregulation of online drug supply, despite opposition from the country’s FDA. However, with support from the vice president, the organization decided to overturn this resolution in order to establish proper regulation and monitoring of drug sales.
Seyyed Heydar Mohammadi explained that the aim of this revocation is not to hinder the supply of medicine through online platforms; rather, it seeks to establish a system that ensures the safe delivery of medications to patients through careful planning and supervision.
The decision to cancel the approval for online drug sales platforms was primarily driven by the fact that drugs were being sold on the internet without the necessary permissions and oversight from the Ministry of Health. The FDA has consistently expressed its opposition to such platforms, as they are often associated with the illegal sale of counterfeit drugs, contraband, and even abortion-related products.
The concerns raised by the FDA highlight the need for stricter regulatory measures to protect public health and ensure the authenticity, safety, and efficacy of medications available online. By revoking the approval for online drug sales platforms, the FDA aims to establish a more robust framework that safeguards consumers and prevents the circulation of illicit or harmful substances.

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