Number of NTBFs active in Iranian oil industry tripled

There has been an increase of new technology based firms (NTBFs) in oil industry by more than three times as 751 contracts have been signed worth $340 million with Iranian start-ups.
The 80-percent imports of equipment for Iranian oil industries has dropped to around 20 to 30%, has said Vahidreza Zeidifard, the deputy minister of oil for engineering, research and technology affairs.
Industrial control systems and compressor systems used in Aradan Gas Compressor Station Project are designed by Iranian engineers as 90% of equipment used in the station are indigenized high-tech equipment, according to IRNA.
The number of start-ups in the oil industry has increased from 150 to about 550 since two years ago .Also some contracts with knowledge-based companies were signed on various facilities, as some funds were provided for the companies, the official stated.
“Favorable relation and cooperation have been established between the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Oil. Currently 81 contracts have been inked with universities and research institutes across the country that approximately $77 million have been allocated for the contracts.
“Also we have signed contracts with four major academic centers in Iran and defined them as institutes to approve the licenses required by the Ministry of Oil,” the official stated.
Iran has reached a very eye-catching development and growth in the defense industry. So the technologies used in the defense sector can be utilized in the oil industry since there are many capacities in the defense industry to help the oil industry.
A techno-engineering service export contract was signed with Venezuela El Palito refinery, and 2.7 million pieces of Iranian-made equipment were exported to Venezuela, which is very impressive.
Also catalyst was exported to Russia for the first time, which is an honor for the oil industry of Iran, as recently a private Iranian company active in the oil industry has signed a $58-million worth contract with the Venezuelan oil company.
The government and the Parliament of Iran have given a notable budget to provide facilities and financial support for NTBFs. In this regard, negotiations were done with several banks and some contracts were signed with some lenders.
The Oil Industry Research and Technology Fund has played a very important role in helping knowledge-based companies. So far $44.7 million have been paid to guarantee the
Since many years ago, some standards called Iranian Petroleum Standard (IPS) were used in oil industry. But, currently a sum of 122 IPS standards have been modified to national ones, which every applicant can refer to.
“In various visits to science and technology parks and academic centers, I have seen young people who started their careers from nothing but had great ideas. With great effort, they succeeded to be among the most important companies that cooperate with the oil industry and exchange technology and equipment,” Zeidifard noted.


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