Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center joins WMO for first time

Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center became a member of the World Mime Organization (WMO) for the first time, coinciding with the second edition of the Pantomime International Theatre Festival in Zanjan. Simultaneously with the Iranian pantomime festival and the 125th anniversary of the legendary mime artist Marcel Marceau’s birth, and the 225th anniversary of the birth of Étienne Decroux (master of pantomime Jean-Louis Barrault), Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center secured two seats, marking its first membership in the world organization, IRNA wrote.
The World Mime Organization commenced its activities on March 22, 2011, coinciding with the birthday of French artist Marceau. Since 2017, it has collaborated with the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to form a physical theatre group. Marceau visited Iran in 1973, performing some of his most exquisite theatrical pieces, including his famous character ‘Bip the Clown,’ at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.
The organization holds specialized mime conferences and combined conferences (encompassing mime and other performing arts). Annually, the international body collaborates with theater centers worldwide to provide workshops and masterclasses, offering training to aspiring mime artists.
Member countries of WMO span four continents, with the organization headquartered in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

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