Mianeh-Tabriz railway to earn $75.5m annually for Iran

A new railroad linking the city of Mianeh to neighboring Tabriz in northwestern Iran is estimated to generate $75.5 million in annual revenues for the country, the executive overseeing the railway project said on Sunday. This impressive sum will be achieved through a cut in transportation costs, a decrease in fuel consumption, and a significant reduction in road accidents.
Hamid Ali-Mohammadzadeh said a substantial portion of the $59 million out of the expected total would stem from a reduction in road accidents and fatalities.
The Mianeh-Tabriz railway stretches over a total distance of 203 kilometers, with the initial section measuring 132 kilometers, from Mianeh to Bostanabad.

Once connected to the city of Tabriz, the railway will provide efficient transportation of goods and facilitate train travel.
An investment of $71 million has been made to complete the route between Bostanabad and Tabriz, with the official inauguration scheduled for June, 2023, by President Ebrahim Raeisi.
An average of 127 fatalities occur annually on roads parallel to the Mianeh-Tabriz railway. According to Ali-Mohammadzadeh, each road death incurs approximately $190,000 in direct and indirect costs to the nation. By reducing accidents, fatalities, and injuries, a substantial portion of the country’s expenses can be regained.
He further noted that the transit freight capacity of the rail route would amount to 14 million tons. Delving deeper into the financial aspects of the project, he said that out of the overall income of $75.5 million from the Mianeh-Tabriz railway, $16.5 million would be attributed to transit revenues.
Ali-Mohammadzadeh underscored the job opportunities created by the project. It is estimated that the Mianeh-Tabriz railway would directly employ 440 individuals and indirectly provide jobs for an additional 1,800 people.
He also addressed the issue of heavy traffic observed on the roads parallel to the railway line, stating, “With the increased utilization of the Mianeh-Tabriz railway, approximately 1.4 million trucks and buses, along with around 700,000 passenger cars, will be reduced on the parallel roads each year. Consequently, road accidents, fatalities, and injuries will fall remarkably.”
Drawing attention to the environmental benefits, Ali-Mohammadzadeh highlighted the role of the Mianeh-Tabriz railway in mitigating air pollution. It is estimated that the opening of this rail line will result in a reduction of exhaust emissions by 1,190 tons. Considering the significant toll that air pollution takes on public health in the country, this reduction will have a compounding effect.
He emphasized the positive impact of the railway project on fuel consumption, noting, “Once on stream, fuel usage would be diminished by a minimum of 110 million liters annually, resulting in an estimated savings of $35.5 million per year.”
Additionally, Ali-Mohammadzadeh disclosed that the passenger capacity of the new railway is projected to reach up to four million people annually, providing a significant transportation alternative for the people.



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