Iran, Saudi Arabia in talks for hotel construction

Saudi Arabia’s fervor for hotel construction in Iran has reached new heights, as the head of the Iranian Hoteliers Association Jamshid Hamzezadeh confirmed engaging in productive discussions with a group of Saudi tourism industry entrepreneurs.
This prospering dialogue delves into the realm of potential hotel constructions in Iran, with options ranging from independent projects to collaborative ventures. Emanating a genuine sense of optimism, the association’s representative expressed firm confidence in the possibility of forging cooperation with their Saudi counterparts.

Notably, the developments surrounding cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the hotel construction sector have spurred a series of significant events. Following the announcement of renewed relations with Saudi Arabia, multiple Saudi tourism delegations have embarked on visits to Iran. One delegation, in particular, revealed their readiness to organize comprehensive tours encompassing various Iranian cities, including sacred pilgrimage sites like Mashhad and Qom, as well as popular tourist destinations in the northern regions and other provinces.
These tours, however, hinge upon the establishment of direct flights between the two countries, paving the way for seamless travel experiences.
Delving deeper into the Saudi engagement, the head of the Iranian Hoteliers Association highlighted a noteworthy visit from a delegation of private sector representatives in the Saudi hotel industry. These influential figures engaged in constructive negotiations pertaining to the construction of new hotels in Iran, exploring both independent and collaborative possibilities. Their visit stands as a testament to the mutual interest and eagerness to seize promising opportunities emerging between the two nations.
In a broader context, the association’s efforts to expand cooperation extend beyond Saudi Arabia and encompass China as well. During the ECO member countries summit in Ardebil, productive meetings and discussions were held with the Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua.
Addressing concerns voiced by Chinese hoteliers, the lack of Chinese food and restaurants in Iran was identified as a significant challenge for attracting Chinese tourists.
The Iranian Hoteliers Association has expressed their readiness to address this matter promptly, pledging to establish Chinese restaurants of the highest quality in their hotels, catering specifically to the preferences of Chinese visitors.
These culinary initiatives will be meticulously tailored to the provinces frequented by Chinese tourists, ensuring an authentic experience aligned with their itinerary.
While collaboration in the hotel industry with China is yet to be pursued, the association is keen to explore potential avenues for cooperation, recognizing China’s remarkable success in the realm of luxury and standard hotel construction.
Furthermore, the issue of foreign exchange rates for international hotel guests was a topic of discussion during a recent meeting in Ardebil. Representatives from the Iran Hotel Association and Iranian Tour Operators Association engaged in fruitful deliberations, focusing on various aspects of inbound tourism, such as providing discounts for active travel service offices, enhancing service quality, diversifying offerings, and revisiting hotel rates for foreign visitors.
Currently, foreign guests enjoy low rates at Iranian hotels, with a five-star hotel costing a mere $20 to $25 for a foreign visitor. This affordability has come as a pleasant surprise to many travelers.
Saudi Arabia’s increasing interest in hotel construction in Iran has paved the way for substantive discussions and negotiations between Iranian and Saudi entities. These efforts signify a promising step towards fostering cooperation in the realm of tourism and hotel industry development.
Additionally, Iran’s intention to address the needs of Chinese tourists by establishing Chinese restaurants in hotels demonstrates the commitment to enhancing the overall visitor experience.



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