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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety One - 14 May 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety One - 14 May 2023 - Page 2

Navy overhauled Iranian fleet during circumnavigation

Iran’s Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani expanded on the recent around-the-world voyage of the 86th fleet of the Iranian navy, recounting its most notable achievements.
In an interview with Fars News Agency on Saturday, Irani said that this is a first for an Islamic country to sail around the world.
“One of our important achievement was in the field of overhaul and restoration. The important part of the crew’s activities during the journey was carrying out the overhaul and recovery of the equipment, which maintained its condition for the rest of the circumnavigation,” the navy commander said.
On Friday, Irani told the press that the fleet began its mission in September 2022 from Bandar Abbas port, southern Iran, and is now in Aden Gulf after 213 days.
In accordance with maritime diplomacy, he said that the fleet visited India and Indonesia and entered the Pacific Ocean for the first time while holding a joint drill there.
The commander highlighted the fact that the circumnavigation took about 15,000 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, during which the flotilla passed three typhoons without suffering any damage.
“Our next accomplishment was the establishment of the first naval hospital, an independent and fully-equipped hospital which performed three successful surgeries during the voyage,” Irani highlighted.
“When we talk about establishing a hospital in a fleet, it means that in addition to medical equipment, it must also have laboratory equipment because a successful medical operation requires performing detailed tests. Our medical equipment was completely homegrown, which we should consider as a badge of honor,” the navy commander elaborated.
According to Irani, the navy’s other achievement in the field of medicine and treatment was the establishment of a blood bank in the fleet. “In selecting the people for this mission, we acted in a way that the blood group of the people could supply each other’s needs,” he said.
As per the navy chief, the fleet made stops at Jakarta, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, North American coasts, and Cape Town.
While he told the reporters on Friday that the navigation around the world took about 15,000 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, the commander elaborated that the entire circumnavigation took about 70,000 kilometers.

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