Iran Expo 2023 to increase Iranian non-oil exports: Official

The fifth edition of the Export Potential Exhibition of Iran (Iran Expo 2023) will help Iran boost its non-oil exports, announced Mehdi Safari, deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy.
Iran Expo 2023 is scheduled to be held in Tehran on May 7–10, Shana reported.
The exhibition will cover over 10 specialized fields including food industries; agriculture; livestock, poultry, and fisheries; automobiles; electricity; carpets; household appliances; textiles, leather, and clothing; chemical and petrochemicals; cellulose and sanitary products; handicrafts and tourism; medicine, medical, and laboratory equipment; mining; construction industry; and technical and engineering services as well as petrochemical and knowledge-based enterprises.
Safari said: “The major policy of the incumbent government is to increase Iran’s trade exchanges with its neighbors as well as African, Asian, and Latin American countries, and this exhibition focuses on the export of non-oil products”.
According to the official, more than 750 Iranian companies are going to participate in this year’s exhibition to showcase the country’s export potential and capacities to foreign trade partners.
Safari said officials and businessmen from 60 different countries have expressed readiness to visit the exhibition, and 15 ministers and deputies are set to travel to Tehran to visit the exhibit.

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