Some 50 used planes joined Iran’s air fleet in 18 months

The head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced that 55 used planes and helicopters of various types were purchased in the last 18 months, 20 of which have been seen use after passing the required tests.
Emphasizing that the aviation industry needs 550 planes to account for the country’s population, climate, and number of airports, Mohammad Mohammadi-Bakhsh said that the 55 used aircraft will gradually join Iran’s air fleet, IRNA reported.
Speaking at a press conference, Mohammadi-Bakhsh maintained that the ICAO aims to purchase medium-range aircraft to keep the runways of underprivileged airports busy.
“But to keep the industry resilient in the face of sanctions, our first task was to replace some of the 330 planes that have been grounded for more than 10 years,” the deputy minister of Roads and Urban Development added.
“Today, we have 180 operational planes, some of which have been repaired and subsequently reintroduced into the air fleet.”

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