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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Five - 12 March 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Five - 12 March 2023 - Page 8

Iran-Oman annual trade to hit $2b: Businesswoman

Sadeq Dehqan

Staff Writer

Page 1
Moreover, the first private sector sea freight line was established in May 2022 from Bandar Abbas to Oman’s Sohar port, which is considered to be the second heavily equipped port of Oman. Expansion of the shipping container line aims at transshipping export goods and increasing reexport or import from Oman. This will be done by both refrigerated containers and ordinary ones.
Jamali attributed the growth of trade between the two countries to the approach of the 13th government to the development of trade relations with neighboring countries, especially Oman. She added that the Trade Promotion Organization is the main custodian of foreign trade planning and policy making, and has taken very good measures to develop Iran’s exchanges with neighboring states.
“The infrastructure and capacity of maritime transport between Iran and Oman has also developed significantly, with more than 80 vessels traveling between the ports of the two countries on a daily basis, most of them moving fruits and agricultural products and bulk goods between the two countries.”
Jamali also noted that facilitating currency transfers contributed to increased volume of exchanges between the two countries, stating that the first authorized exchange of the Central Bank of Iran started its activity in the field of Oman-related works in Tehran last year.
“The joint chamber of commerce is also pursuing the establishment of the first Iranian exchange in Oman through one of the country’s private banks by obtaining the necessary permits and organizing all matters related to foreign currency transfers of traders,” she concluded.

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