Envoy: Iran will respond decisively to any Israeli wrongful action

A senior Iranian diplomat strongly condemned Israel’s threat to use military force ‎against the country’s nonmilitary and vital infrastructure as a blatant violation of ‎international principles, emphasizing that Tehran will not hesitate to respond ‎decisively to any threat or wrongful action by the Tel Aviv regime.‎
Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Amir Saeid ‎Iravani made the remarks in a letter addressed to the rotating president of the UN ‎Security Council, Pedro Comissário Afonso, and UN Secretary-General Antonio ‎Guterres, Press TV reported. ‎
Iravani wrote that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on February 21 had ‎resorted to the regime’s repeated lies and false claims in order to openly make ‎threats of using military force against Iran’s critical infrastructure, including ‎peaceful nuclear facilities.‎

He said the Israeli regime’s threats are in direct contravention of the international ‎law and the UN Charter.‎
The Iranian ambassador pointed to similar remarks by an Israeli minister, Yoav ‎Gallant, on February 17, in which he made threats of employing military force ‎against Iran’s civil sites and critical infrastructure.‎
Iravani underscored that any Israeli military attack on Iran’s infrastructure and ‎facilities will have devastating effects on regional and international peace and ‎security.‎
He urged the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in this regard, ‎and unequivocally condemn the Israeli regime’s warmongering statements and ‎malevolent activities, which pose a real threat to international peace and security.‎
‎”The Islamic Republic of Iran has made it clear time and again that it will not ‎hesitate to take necessary measures, in accordance with international law and the ‎UN Charter, to respond decisively to any threat posed by the Israeli regime ‎wherever and whenever deemed necessary, and to defend its national and security ‎interests as well as to protect its people,” Iravani emphasized.‎
The envoy said all those who aid, abet or otherwise assist, support and facilitate the ‎Israeli regime to carry out a military action against Iran must bear responsibility ‎and accountability for their role in such an internationally wrongful act. ‎



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