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Number Seven Thousand Six Hundred - 09 July 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Six Hundred - 09 July 2024 - Page 1

French elections and the power balance in Europe

By Jahanbakhsh Izadi

International affairs expert

In a surprising turn of events, the second round of France’s parliamentary elections saw a stunning victory for the left-wing coalition and a defeat for the far rights led by the National Rally. Emmanuel Macron’s historic gamble to dissolve parliament paid off, but with a twist. The far right’s failure to form a government was a win for Macron, but the rise of the left could also be seen as a setback for his camp, although they don’t pose a significant threat compared to the far right.
France has always been a key player in the European Union, balancing the political landscape of the continent. Post-Brexit, its role has extended to security matters as well, solidifying Paris’ position within the EU.
The French parliamentary elections, coming hot on the heels of the EU parliamentary elections across member states, carry significance in shaping the political arrangements of Europe, especially given the recent successes of right-wing parties in both contexts.
These right-wing factions have already formed governments in several countries, notably Italy. The implications of a strong right-wing presence reverberate throughout Europe and beyond.
Europeans were concerned about the far-right parties’ anti-immigration policies and their close ties to Russia. Therefore, if the far rights were to secure a decisive victory in France and form a government, their success in France would be heralded as a triumph across Europe.
However, with the defeat of the far-right National Rally in France, a power balance has emerged within the EU, curbing the rise of the right to some extent.

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