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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Two - 16 June 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Two - 16 June 2024 - Page 1

A ’competitive election’ in the making

By Ebrahim Beheshti

Staff writer

The presidential campaigns in the run-up to the June 28 vote have begun in Iran. The election race is gradually heating up. With no political factions boycotting the election as seen in the past two terms (presidential election in 2021 and parliamentary election in 2024), a question emerges that will we witness a notable surge in voter turnout this time around?
Iran Daily has discussed this issue with Abbas Salimi Namin, a political expert.

Iran Daily: Do you reckon that we will face a tough competition among the six presidential candidates in the upcoming election? And if so, do you think it will result in a high voter turnout?
Salimi Namin: Yes, I believe that we are facing a serious competition and as a result, we should expect a high level of participation in the election. High voter turnout will be the outcome of competitive elections and people’s thorough understanding of the candidates. Nevertheless, nominees from various political parties have succeeded in standing for the presidential election, with no political faction boycotting the election. However, what matters is that ultimately, people will cast their votes based on a precise understanding of the societal conditions and capabilities of the candidates, or they will be influenced by election emotions and the potential polarized atmosphere, thus not paying much attention to the candidates’ programs and capabilities.

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