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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Eight - 11 June 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Eight - 11 June 2024 - Page 7

Macron’s gov’t rattled ...

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Voters from the Socialist camp have signaled their readiness for a leadership transition. Although Le Pen’s far-right party seems poised for a historic win, currently, centrist and left-wing parties that align with the incumbent president collectively outnumber her party. This decision by Macron is a strategic move to rally support and counter the rising tide of the right-wing.
Le Pen’s rising influence is undeniable, but the broader trend toward right-wing parties in France is what truly underscores the urgency of the situation. This rapidly growing trend likely prompted the French president to announce, “with great concern,” his swift decision to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections. Concerning the two mainstream parties, “ Renaissance” (Macron) and Socialists (Glucksmann), which are projected to secure 15% and 14% of the vote, respectively, it’s estimated that the left-wing party “Unyielding France” will capture 3.8% of the vote, while the Green Party is expected to garner 5.2%. These figures highlight the shifting political landscape in France, with traditional parties facing challenges from both the right and the left.
Around 360 million voters turned out on the final day of the European Parliament elections across 21 countries, including major players like Germany, France, Spain, and Poland. The four-day electoral process kicked off on Thursday in the Netherlands, wrapping up voting in six countries. According to polls, the large, pro-EU parties are expected to retain their majority, but right-wing and nationalist parties will make gains, claiming more seats in the 720-member parliament. These elections mark the first time the European Parliament will convene without British representation following the UK’s exit from the European Union. The timing of these elections is significant, as the European continent grapples with rising nationalist entiments and deepening political

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