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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Forty Eight - 02 May 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Forty Eight - 02 May 2024 - Page 1

Why do Iranian people hate British media?

Mohammad Ali Rajabi


The Iranian people have never trusted the UK. BBC Persian, which was launched to win the trust of Iranians in British policies, has now become the most detested foreign Persian-language media outlet among Iranians. Whether Iranians agree with or criticize the policies of the Islamic Republic, there is consensus on one thing: that the UK has never been sincere toward the Iranian people, a sentiment with a long historical background. Due to its diversity, Iranian society rarely reaches a consensus on issues; however, perpetual mistrust of the UK and the use of the word “sinister” to refer to the British government and politicians is almost universal among Iranians.
When Gore Ouseley, the first British ambassador, arrived in Iran, he paid 600,000 tomans directly to Fath-Ali Shah Qajar and thereby gained the Shah’s attention. He was fluent in Persian and Turkish and had Saadi’s Gulistan published in Western Europe. He was very pleasant and observed proper etiquette. Abd al-Razzaq Beg Donboli wrote in his book about him: “The recounting of his good qualities is reminiscent of the assemblies of kings and the mention of his good manners adorns the gatherings of nobles and kings.” He later managed to win the trust of Abbas Mirza as well. At his suggestion, the military officers of his country engaged in a series of military exercises with Iranian officers under Abbas Mirza’s command against the Russian troops, under the command of Rtishchev.
Ouseley’s story does not end here. He outwardly appeared very peace-loving and sought to establish peace between Iran and Russia. He organized several rounds of negotiations between Iran and Russia. The Iranians were willing to make peace on the condition that the Russians withdraw from their territories (including Georgia), but during the talks, Ouseley suddenly ordered all British officers and officials of the Iranian army to leave the camp.

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