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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Six - 18 April 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Six - 18 April 2024 - Page 8

Region’s madman now rightly hesitant

By Syed Ali

Iran Daily’s correspondent
in Pakistan

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri has recently cautioned Israel that any new mistake against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be responded to within seconds. So, whatever happens will not only challenge Israel’s security but also undermine it. It is clear that Iran has shattered the Israeli arrogance and deterrence. Both the Israeli leadership and its people are divided. Despite the moderate Jewish forces in Israel reaching an agreement that it’s best not to take further action against Iran after its attacks, the Zionist majority opposes this idea.
Saturday night, Iran launched air strikes directly against Israel, without employing its modern drones and missiles so as to avoid escalating tensions in the region. By analyzing the statements released by Iran’s leadership following the event, it becomes evident that Iran prioritizes peace. Tehran has been supporting the cease-fire in Gaza since day one. Israel’s desire for Palestinians to surrender Gaza will not materialize as Tel Aviv has shown an inability to achieve its universally condemned objectives through ground operations against Hamas. It wants Hamas to accept its preposterous cease-fire conditions, but that’s not going to happen. For one thing, Israel’s history of not honoring agreements and cease-fires is not commendable, to say the least. Through the years, Israel and its allies have reached a number of deals with Palestinians, including Oslo and Camp David, but they did not adhere to a single one.
Reports from Iran suggest that the political leadership has delegated the authority to respond to any “Israeli mistake” to the military leadership, and, this time, Iran will not hold back on using its weapons. This can possibly endanger Israel’s existence.
Now that Iran has damaged Iran’s reputation, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan should find the courage to prioritize Muslim solidarity and brotherhood and stop the hand that spills Palestinian blood. Here, we should commend the governments of Iraq, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Oman, and Kuwait, who have supported Iran in various ways, for their zeal.
Western imperialism knows very well why Muslim societies are filled with resentment against the West. Western countries are at the doorstep of Muslims. Through condemned interventions, they try to keep the Muslim Ummah subjugated. They have seated Israel as the Middle East’s madman so that no one can dare to cut off the hands of the looters.
On April 1, when the Israeli cabinet attacked the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, it was expected that Muslim countries would convene an emergency meeting and express solidarity with Iran. It would have sent a clear message to Israel and its mentors that a grave mistake had been made. However, this did not happen. When Iran lodged a complaint at the Security Council, justice was not served there, either. Therefore, Iran was justified in responding to Israel.
Despite all Israeli provocations, Iran has taken a measured response. Now, the ball is in Israel’s court. The Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim strongly urged Tel Aviv on Monday not to take any retaliatory action, as it would only escalate tensions in the Middle East. He said that Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel two days ago was justified and legitimate.
Evidently, Malaysia has adopted a realistic position. The world needs to show a similar reaction. Only then will Israel be able to understand the true meaning and extent of its international responsibilities and commitments. The Israeli cabinet has already admitted that as a result of Iran’s retaliatory “Operation True Promise”, Israeli military bases have been damaged. Israeli political and military leadership should ask themselves: if the April 1 mistake led to such a forceful response, then how will Iran respond to an operation carried out in Iranian territory? The specter of a major war cannot be ignored.


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