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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Nine - 13 March 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Nine - 13 March 2024 - Page 1

Iran’s smart diplomacy

By Hassan Hanizadeh
Foreign Policy Expert
The diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran has navigated a successful regional strategy. Embracing and toning down tensions with the Persian Gulf nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, stands out as a major accomplishment of Iran’s foreign policy in the current Persian calendar year which will end on March 19 . The pact between Iran and Saudi Arabia not only resolved tensions between these significant Muslim powers and key regional players but also had a ripple effect, easing Iran’s relations with other regional countries and even the Arab world. The development has fostered Tehran’s political, economic, and security collaborations with regional nations.
Iran’s government has continued its neighborly approach this year, forging stronger ties with neighboring states, as well as China and Russia, marking another diplomatic triumph. The surge in Iran’s trade and economic cooperation with neighboring countries can be attributed to the emphasis on good neighborliness.
A pressing global concern this year is the protracted Gaza conflict. Iran’s foreign policy drive in recent months has been to devise solutions and measures to halt the war and avert the genocide of the Gaza Strip’s population by the Israeli regime. In addition to backing Palestinians and resistance groups and proposing multiple resolutions at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit, Tehran has made concerted efforts to stop the bloody war, albeit stymied by the reluctance of key stakeholders to act decisively.
President Raisi’s visits to Saudi Arabia, his attendance at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation meeting, negotiations with his counterparts, and Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian’s regional trips exemplify Iran’s commendable efforts to address the crisis.
On the global stage, while Iran’s disputes with the United States and several European nations persist, the diplomatic efforts of the current year to reduce tensions with the West appear to have borne fruit. Despite looming risks of escalation, particularly post the Gaza conflict with the United States and Israel, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has adeptly weathered potential crises. It appears that the government has adopted a shrewd foreign policy approach.

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