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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighteen - 29 February 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighteen - 29 February 2024 - Page 1

High turnout to guarantee Iran’s independence

By Mohammad-Mehdi Abd-Khodaei
Leader, Fada’iyan-e Islam Party
Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution stands out as a unique phenomenon globally. Rooted in both domestic and international arenas, this revolution waged a battle against domestic tyranny while striving to secure and uphold the cherished freedoms of its people. At the same time, the revolution emerged as a flag-bearer of resistance against colonialism and imperialism, endowing it with a global significance.
The birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran marked a watershed moment following the unparalleled revolution. Diverging from major revolutions like the French Revolution, the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, or the Cuban Revolution, Iran’s Islamic revolution is distinguished by its distinct ideological underpinnings.
The Iranian revolution sprang forth from within the fabric of society, challenging foreign-imposed tyranny and rejecting its shackles. Unlike certain revolutions confined to specific societal segments, Iran’s revolution engaged a broad spectrum of society, encompassing intellectuals, laborers, businesspeople, etc., all contributing to its inception and the establishment of the Islamic Republic.
In its mission to combat foreign domination, the Islamic Revolution not only succeeded in its primary objective but also served as a catalyst for awakening other oppressed nations in the region. This stands in contrast to many other revolutions around the world that failed to ignite similar fervor beyond their borders.
The Islamic Revolution championed the cause of anti-colonialism, with the founder of the Islamic Republic unequivocally asserting, “America cannot do a damn thing.” Despite lacking state-of-the-art weapons Iran’s military might has advanced significantly. The US soon felt the danger of the revolution and therefore pushed Saddam Hussein to fight an eight-year war with Iran, and provided all kinds of military support to the Iraqi Baath regime.
As a dominant global imperialist power, the US has unleashed a barrage of sanctions against Iran over the past four decades, in response to the Islamic Revolution’s anti-hegemonic stance. Yet, resolute in the face of diverse pressure, the Islamic Republic has remained steadfast, unwavering in its commitment to its ideals.
Elections in Iran are held in a situation where the country has weathered all sorts of enemy conspiracies over the years. Despite facing sanctions and economic pressure, and being surrounded by foreign powers, the nation has stood firm. It even withstood an all-out war for eight years, bravely confronting Saddam’s regime, which was backed by numerous world powers.
Now is the time to draw on past experiences to mend the country’s wounds, pave the way for a brighter future, and elevate Iran’s reputation. The key here is for the people to rally behind the Islamic Republic and the revolution, as they have done in the past, by turning out massively in the upcoming elections. This will demonstrate that the Islamic Establishment still derive their strength from the people’s support and will, without compromising on the nation’s ideals such as the fight against colonialism and will follow the path of progress.
The Iranian nation stands as the sole independent entity that resists global arrogance and hegemonic powers without bowing down to them, enduring numerous hardships and sacrifices for this independence. To uphold and advance this independence, and to progress toward implementing pure Islamic laws and a truly Islamic government, the masses must turn out in large numbers for the upcoming elections, just as they have done in the past. I am confident that our people will once again participate actively in the two parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections on Friday, emerging from the electoral challenge with pride and

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