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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eleven - 19 February 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eleven - 19 February 2024 - Page 1

Israelis fed up with Netanyahu’s reign

By Ebrahim Beheshti
Staff writer
“Enough blood has been spilled and a deal is on the table.” This is the plea of the Israelis who have turned Paris Square in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) into a sea of red in protest against the hawkish policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Protesters, along with the families of Israeli captives held by Palestinian resistance group Hamas, also called for snap elections to dismiss Netanyahu once for good. Polls suggest a steep drop in Netanyahu’s and the ruling coalition’s popularity in Israel. A recent poll has found that if elections are to be held today, opposition parties would secure 75 out of the 120 seats in the Knesset, signaling the defeat of Netanyahu’s extremist coalition.
However, the tide is turning against Netanyahu within the Likud party as well. Ynet, a Hebrew media outlet, cited Likud party insiders stating that Netanyahu’s hold on power is untenable post-war. Some party members have even gone farther to push for early parliamentary elections. Netanyahu’s stance during a press conference, refusing early elections, was a firm response to this call from his party members.
Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet find themselves increasingly isolated under mounting internal and external pressure. While the Israeli regime has long lacked credibility in the eyes of a significant portion of global public opinion, particularly in the Islamic world, Netanyahu’s extreme and aggressive policies have further tarnished its image. Even American officials, Israel’s key ally, are reportedly displeased with Netanyahu’s strategies and are speculated to await his resignation or removal post-war.
The prime minister’s self-serving and arbitrary actions in the devastating strikes on the Gaza Strip and the atrocities in the region have not only intensified global animosity toward Israel but have also become a stain on the reputation of Israel’s staunch supporters like the United States and the United Kingdom.
Netanyahu, the executor of Gaza, finds himself with dwindling support, even among his most fervent backers. He is now gearing up for a ground assault on Rafah, the southern tip of the Gaza Strip, in a bid to stave off or delay his inevitable downfall as the war rages on.
It appears that Netanyahu’s political life is entwined with the perpetuation of massacres and genocide. Yet, mounting internal and external pressure has made his future increasingly uncertain. An Israeli protester at Saturday’s rally, as reported by Israel’s channel 12, directed a message to Netanyahu: “You’ve had your time and wreaked havoc. Now it’s time for the people to rectify all the wrongs you’ve committed.”
These sentiments echo those of many others, both within and outside Israel, who are weary of Netanyahu and his transgressions and atrocities.

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