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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Seven - 14 February 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Seven - 14 February 2024 - Page 1

US gives both weapons and moral advice


Threats by Israel’s warmonger Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a ground attack on Rafah, in the southernmost region of the Gaza Strip, have caused fear and concern about another humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave. Since the beginning of Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, more than 28,000 people have been killed and over one and a half million displaced Palestinians have sought refuge in Rafah. Israeli airstrikes on Rafah began two days ago, and the authorities in Tel Aviv have declared their intention to carry out a ground attack on this city.
Media reports suggest Rafah is grappling with severe shortages of food, medicine and basic needs and the looming land invasion could double the disaster.
The United Nations, the European Union, and some supporters of Israel, such as the US and Britain, have issued warnings against aggression. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has expressed concern about the assault on Rafah, and some US officials say President Joe Biden has stressed in a phone call with Netanyahu that the safety of over one million people must be ensured before proceeding with the Rafah operation.
However, it appears that these warnings, expressions of concern, or recommendations to separate fighters from civilians have had little impact as the Israeli military has not hesitated to commit any crime over the past four months. Now, a possible attack on Rafah could be the final chapter in Israel’s genocide in Gaza, while Western states, led by the US and the UK, remain mere onlookers, offering moral warnings and advice to the most immoral army and “state” in the world.
The unfortunate contradiction lies in the fact that while these states offer moral advice condemning the killing of civilians and the need to provide aid to the displaced people of Gaza, their military equipment and hardware are en route to Israel. They fail to realize that they are also complicit in Israel’s genocide of innocent Gazans.
The contradiction is so glaring and striking that it has drawn criticism from EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell, who implored the Westerners.
“Stop saying please and start doing something,” Borrell said.
Borrell’s intended task is to prevent Western countries, especially the US, from supplying arms to Israel, but they refuse to take action. Undoubtedly, the US stands as an accomplice to Israel’s crimes in the court of history and must be held accountable.

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