Rare Asiatic cheetah seen in Touran National Park after three years

A rare Asiatic cheetah named “Hiwa” has been spotted in Iran’s Semnan Province after a three-year absence. According to Ali Akbar Qorbanloo, the head of Touran National Park (Part of Touran Biosphere Reserve), a female cheetah was seen in the Delbar region.
During routine travels in the area, local residents informed Qorbanloo about the presence of the cheetah and he took immediate action and captured images of the rare fauna, ISNA reported.
After submitting the photos to the provincial Department of Environment, a thorough examination and analysis of the body markings revealed that the cheetah in question is the same female cub born in 2020. The last known sighting of the cheetah was in September 2020, and since then, she had escaped both human observers and other surveillance cameras.
He said, “Harb” gave birth to three cubs named “Hiwa,” “Helya,” and “Hanna” in her first recorded delivery, the provincial official noted.
The cheetah appears to be in excellent physical health, marking a welcome return to the region.

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