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Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Five - 12 February 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Five - 12 February 2024 - Page 1

A magnificent day in Iran

By Mehdi Fazaeli
A member of the office for the preservation of Iranian Leader's works

It was a magnificent day, Sunday, February 11, the celebration of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran across the country. It has always been emphasized that one of the most important aspects of the Islamic Revolution, both before and after the victory, was its popularity. Iran’s Revolution has always been sustained by the participation of the people and, therefore, the stability and longevity of the Islamic Republic has always relied on the continual presence of the people in various arenas.
The significant turnout at the 45th anniversary event this year reflects the involvement of multiple generations in the rallies, showing their backing for the revolution and the Islamic Republic.
However, this does not mean that there are no shortcomings and criticisms. The public does not attribute the flaws and criticisms to the system and the Islamic Revolution.
On the contrary, when we witness a series of sabotage and psychological and cognitive propaganda against the Islamic Republic, we understand that the primary aim of these campaigns is to demoralize people and depict the situation in Iran as grim.
Nevertheless, the presence of diverse generations, social classes, and preferences at the rally conveyed important messages to the world. The widespread participation in the event itself was the most significant message to the opponents of the Islamic Republic.
On Sunday, despite some shortcomings and problems, the Iranian people emphasized their unwavering commitment to the Islamic Revolution.
Also, this year’s rally was significant as it took place on the eve of two important elections: the 12th parliamentary elections, and elections for the Assembly of Experts.
The strong presence in the rally indicates widespread participation in these elections.
During the Gaza war in the past months, with Israel’s atrocities against the innocent people of Palestine continuing, the enemies of the Islamic Republic have threatened Iran.
Some opposition groups abroad have aligned themselves with these empty threats, claiming to represent the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic. However, the people demonstrated their support for the Islamic Republic on the streets of Iran yesterday, ridiculing all those threats and baseless claims.
The widespread participation in the rally showed that all the threats and psychological operations against the country had no effect on the morale of the people. As long as the Islamic Republic has this popular support, it is invulnerable to any threats. Therefore, the streets of Iran were truly spectacular and meaningful yesterday.

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