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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty Nine - 20 January 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty Nine - 20 January 2024 - Page 1

Time ripe to oust Netanyahu for good

By Ebrahim Beheshti
Staff writer

With the true colors of Israel revealing more by the day, the winds of change are no longer favoring Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet. Under the pretext of the October 7 attack by Hamas, Netanyahu’s hawkish cabinet has embraced a military strategy that lacks support or justification. Even the United States now hesitates to offer unconditional backing to Israel’s military policies. The world’s public opinion sees the four months of devastating bombings in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of innocent women and children, as nothing short of “genocide.”
Long before Western politicians grasped the magnitude of the catastrophe and its global consequences, people took to the streets in various cities worldwide, from Tehran to Berlin, London, and Washington, protesting Israel’s heinous crimes. They condemned the Israeli genocide and expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza.
The gravity of the situation in Gaza left no room for silence from either the United Nations or governments worldwide. Following South Africa’s bold move to sue Israel in the International Court of Justice, the largest Muslim country, Indonesia, along with Slovenia, has declared support for another lawsuit against Israel for its violation of Palestinian rights. Furthermore, the Iranian vice president for legal affairs has announced Tehran’s intention to join South Africa’s ICJ complaint as a third party. Moreover, Mexico and Chile, have lodged complaints with the International Criminal Court regarding Israel’s crimes during the Gaza war.
On Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and expediting the provision of aid to the war-ravaged enclave. It also endorsed the ICJ measures in ending the Gaza war while emphasizing the need for a new European initiative to revive the political process.
Regardless of the outcome of these legal actions, what matters most is the new international momentum against Israel. The one-sided narratives that initially portrayed Israelis as victims and defenders of their legitimate rights, expertly made up by the mainstream media in support of Tel Aviv, have lost their credibility.
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