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Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty Eight - 18 January 2024
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty Eight - 18 January 2024 - Page 7

Tehran’s security ...

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Moreover, international organizations followed in the footsteps of certain world powers including the United States to demonstrate double standards when it comes to terrorism. Consequently, they lack a proper understanding of the crimes committed by terrorists in Iran.
Despite holding multiple rounds of talks and striking agreements with neighboring countries, and issuing necessary warnings, the Islamic Republic had hoped these neighbors would take the required measures to tighten their border control and prevent terrorists from crossing into Iranian territory. Now that they have failed or been unable to contain the terrorists for any reason, Iran launched attacks on the terrorists’ strongholds to ensure its security and protect its people.
Ensuring the security of its citizens is a matter of utmost importance for the Islamic Republic of Iran and in fact is a red line for Tehran. Therefore, in this specific case, there is zero tolerance for any group or country. It is a principle for Iran that if its neighbors fail to address anti-Iranian terrorists, Tehran will take action directly. In other words, these neighbors, with whom we share strong and fraternal relations, must take this warning seriously and work out a wise security strategy to combat terrorists. Otherwise, Tehran will intensify its efforts to crack down on terrorists, whether they are in Pakistan, Iraq, or elsewhere abroad. Defending the people and guaranteeing their security is an indisputable and legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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