Daily delivery of gas to national trunkline tops 840mcm: Official

All 20 gas refineries in Iran are operational with maximum capacity, announced the head of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s Production Coordination and Supervision Management, Ahmad Zamani, adding that currently more than 840 million cubic meters of gas are delivered to the national trunkline on a daily base.
Referring to the full readiness of the country’s gas refineries in the cold days of the year, the official said all of the gas refining plans of the NIGC for the current year have been completed, ILNA reported.
The maintenance and repair operations are carried out periodically during the spring and summer to have a stable flow of gas during the winter days, he noted.
Thanks to the overhaul operations, we now enjoy a favorable condition in delivering gas to industries and the household sector.
Meanwhile, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) managing director said on Tuesday that oil and gas production in Iran, thanks to its current reserves, will continue for the next 90-100 years.
Addressing the Session to Introduce Opportunities and Framework for Investment in Drilling Rig Service Provision within Guaranteed Purchase Contracts, Mohsen Khojastehmehr added that Iran’s crude oil and natural gas on aggregate is equal to 340 billion barrels of oil, Shana reported.
The country’s unconventional resources have yet to be added to the figure, noted the CEO of NIOC, adding, “We are conducting initial studies to add shale oil and gas reserves and clathrate (gas) hydrates to Iran’s oil and gas
Iran is a rich country in terms of underground resources and it is necessary to have long-term goals for utilizing them, he underlined.
Drilling is the central core of NIOC’s activity, said Khojastehmehr, adding that nothing will be left of the upstream sector if drilling is detached.
Development and overhaul operations in the upstream sector are in need of drilling, he pointed out.
The drilling sector is the most resilient part of the oil industry, stated the NIOC chief; oil and gas production would face challenges if the industry lacked drilling.
More than 50 percent of the capital required for the development of an oil or gas field is related to the drilling sector, the deputy oil minister added.
Both light and heavy drilling rigs are needed, emphasized the NIOC head, saying 10-year contracts will be signed with private companies to meet the industry’s needs.
The contracts will be signed in foreign currencies and advance payments will be made for purchasing or renting drilling rigs, said Khojastehmehr, adding the measures are aimed at facilitating the contracts’ terms and conditions.
Big contracts on oil and gas production will be signed in the near future, pledged the official, adding drilling rigs are required to achieve the goal.


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